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  1. Weird transmission issues

    Should I have it flushed or should I just have it changed?
  2. Vehicles owned, past and present

    1954 ford coupe 1998 ford mustang GT 2003 Pontiac grand prix gt 2008 pontiac grand prix gt supercharged 2003 impala ls with a newer swapped 3.8 supercharged engine 2007 impala ss 2008 dodge ram 1500 2001 honda civic si 2002 honda civic si 1977 mg midget 1979 triumph spitfire 2006 Pontiac g6 2007 infinity g35
  3. Weird transmission issues

    Yeah its awd and I've only had it for 10k but I've been wanting to change the fluid since i got it because i wasnt able to determine its level or viscosity accurately. I've heard that your only supposed to get it done at the dealer because the transmission can only use the mopar fluid designed for that transmission. I guess that's what your referring too. Should I avoid the flush or have that done aswell
  4. 20190721_183409.jpg

    I'm looking for honest opinions! I want the hate I need to know If it looks good like this or should I remove it and do something else
  5. Weird transmission issues

    Hey guys I'm new on the forum I have a 2013 dodge journey rt with 150,000 kilometers on it. Over the past few months of ownership I've noticed it shift can be hard but very slightly hard not to bad yet, also while slowing down when the vehicle is downshifting I can feel a very noticeable vibration in the powertrain. Is it normal when driving at low speed (in the mcdonalds drive thru) to hear a loud clunk after the rpms drop from pressing the gas? Thanks for your answers!