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  1. Electrical wiring

    Body Control Module has main priority. I also want to add original switch for lights but... there are also missing wires in connector switch, but those from light switch i didn't notice in module. I had only one month on temporary plates and on this month was holidays, my daughter was born... So many things, but not so much time. Today i was begging for more time, and i get 14 days for plates. So other stuff like electrical light mirrors gonna do later.
  2. Best Regards From Poland. :)

    My DJ was after collision with some kind animal. I need it to change engine cover/mask, grill, bumper brackets. and radiator support was little bit dented. Radiators also dented but without leaks But the most difficult is change lights for Poland law... We cannot have orange light with blinkers from the front (ez one) Hard one: we need to have yellow back blinkers and the fog light :D The point is on this SE version i was need it to drill place for blinkers bulb in the white place and separate the signal from top bulb... Funny thing is on US cars stop light signal is with blinkers and if you separate signal you have working blinkers ofc, but also they turn on stop lights. And i'm searching whole internet for diagram of Body Computer Module (BCM)
  3. Multiple electric issues

    Hi. Did anyone have wirings diagram of body computer? BTW BCM is behind cubby
  4. Electrical wiring

    And it's gone. And i need wiring diagram of body computer. Someone help please?
  5. Best Regards From Poland. :)

    Introducing my Dodge Journey 2.4 and 2012 imported from US. Ya know Copart stuff... I'm on the last steps of repairs.