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  1. Projector Headlights (US sourced)

    Has anyone actually done this conversion? If so, how long have you had them and has there been any issues? Im curious about these from a cosmetic standpoint to help me “re-fall in love” with my car after having it for 5 years. She’s paid off and I enjoy no payment, so whatever I can do to get some improved aesthetic and perhaps visibility, I’m on board.
  2. Headlight HID/LED Conversion

    Hi all, I am am wanting to replace the standard headlights on my 2013 SXT. Has anyone done the replacement housing to the AKKON (check amazon) HID lights? They look awesome but want to make sure I don’t waste money. Curious us if you do have them, how much brighter are they than stock? And did you do a LED swap for the fog lights or something else to improve how bright the lights are? Thank you!