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  1. may be a late reply but , our Jeep Grand Cherokee WK has aftermarket brake pads and retainers are somehow loose compared to mopar branded ones. so when no brakes applied over speed bumps brake pads casue that clunk feel. it sounds like somethign is loose. when i step on brake gently over speed bumps there is no noise. so fix is related to brake pad retainers.
  2. Hill holder wont release.

    i replaced 4 rubber brake hoses. It made a huge difference. It seems all those complaints i read over internet was true.
  3. battery type for flashlight is Varta V500ht. Pry it open and replace battery. it is 1.2 volt nimh. I could not find that battery so i put round shape CP300H Varta wich has less capacity. I cut plastic part on battery holder and glued battery in its place.
  4. Bumper Coming Off

    in terms of heat resistance parameter of the resin they used. This is my 7th chrysler manufactured vehicle. i have never seen sagged or enlarged corners of bumper fascias. There are no accident or anything. They are still selling Freemonts here and i saw same problem on newer cars in parking lots. Especially front bumpers. Problem is, when it softens under sun, assembly points under headlights cant hold it on its place, again rear corners goes out approx 5 mm. i fixed this by making new brackets by bending aluminum stripes and fixing them to body by using rivets.
  5. Bumper Coming Off

    Worst design in any chrysler vehicle i experienced in terms of bumper fascias.
  6. LED headlights

    i bought a pair of led h11 bulbs for 2010. if not integrated to bulb, led bulbs need canbus foolers. Light color is white which i dont like but intensity is very nice. Little bit brighter than halogen bulbs and no glare thanks to very thin led chips. There are two leds made of three little dioded combined together on each bulb.
  7. 9.2 L / 100 KM

    Diesel consumes 6.0 liter @ 100kmh. When travelled above 120 it is 7.2 liters. When vehicle is full of people and lots of luggage it is 8.2 liters. So bigger gasoline engine with that mpg value is very good.
  8. This is mainly caused by loose brake pad retainers.
  9. Hill holder wont release.

    Could you please move my topic to technical? i made a mistake
  10. 2010, 2.0 crd. 6 speed double clutch 450dct getrag. When hill holder is on, which you can set it off on evic screen, while parked on a steep hill, and if i move back by shifting to R and again trying to move forward by selecting D, car resists to set off. i even tried to press throttle more and it refused to move like i forgot to release handbrake. Car is FWD and handbrake is not electric type. Another issue is, when i shift to R in a parking lot, and if i shift to D and if i do not wait for 2 seconds, car tries to set but stalls the engine as i released the clutch very early on a manual transmission. Transmission works fine on any other occasions, shifts smoothly, no vibration, no hesitation, no confusion on lower speeds. Dealer cant find any codes and wants to disassemble gearbox and look for problems... But... Last month rear right caliper stuck and overheated and i tend to find a relation between brake system,hill holder atitude and intermittent stalls during r to d set offs. Any ideas?
  11. Hello to all from ANKARA TR

    Hello i just joined to community and wanted to say hello to all members. I am an Industrial Engineer and used to own a 2010 Make R/T Journey with 2.0 diesel engine. Best Regards. Dogan