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    Yes! That is me! I hadn't seen the timelapse videos, but I had seen some other videos. It is so cool to go back now and look at them! I want to go on a road trip with my sisters (my home base team that was on google helping me find the clues) and show them all of the clues and sites I saw along the way. We haven't made it happen yet but we still want to.

    I just joined this community today to find help with something, but just for fun I wanted to see if anyone posted about this contest. I am the winner of the 3rd Journey that was found in Maine.
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  4. I am having the same problem. I searched for updates online and it came up with 2 updates, one for the radio and one for the navigation system. I did the radio one fine. I tried updating the navigation firmware and it isn't working. I downloaded it to a flash drive, installed it on the car system, and it asks again if I want to update (but this time it says the current version and new version are the same, so I pushed the "no" button). I assumed this meant my update was complete, like it was when I did the first update just minutes before this. I go to the menu to look up the version number and it is still on the version that I updated the first time, but not the second updated version. The instructions online say the version should be updated, but should it be an updated version listed in the same place as when I updated the radio firmware? Is there a different location to look up what version I am running for the navigation system? P.S. None of this has to do with updated maps. I have not purchased updated maps yet. I wanted to get these updates to work before I pay a bunch of money for that.