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  1. 2015 awd and other issues

    I've read thru everyones comments which i respect and thank you but i think you all are misunderstanding me when i say it works when it feels like it.I understand it is not on all the time.What I am saying is it will work in the same situation one day and not the next,hence when IT feels like it.
  2. 2015 awd and other issues

    Journey repair round 1 Recall wire in steering wheel done n/c Recall abs wrap with heat tape v6's only done n/c check clunking in front end found 1 strut nut lil loose tightened said to be fixed check awd no codes no leaking fluid,ran car on lift said to be fine. picked up car front end still clunks,turned into driveway awd not working. aahhh why i dont want to deal with this and why i haven't played the game with dodge dealer,always nice to get a good one and not have to deal with this. If I have time tomorrow i will go back and try to get someone out for a drive.
  3. 2015 awd and other issues

    Sorry not my last post,I will make a appointment and see what they have to say,there is also a recall letter that keeps showing up so I guess it's time.I am very familiar with awd,my wife has a 2012 forester 85k on it, which works well and never has not worked.I realize it's not 4wd,i have those too and have had dodge my hole life,79 1/2 ramrod package,86 1/2 le,98 3/4 12v quad ( the holy grail),still own gave it to my son,and i picked up a 2 year old new 2015 2500 slt 6.4 hemi last year. As you can see I'm a dodge boy,got that from dad 65 coronet 500 426 wedge,68 coronet r/t 440,seen that roll past 140 in the back seat.Anyways i keep my vehicles a long time and is why I want to understand the awd system.I believe the problem will be what sensor tells it to work.I tried it in the driveway and it didn't work yesterday,so i backed up and goosed it and it still didn't work but put it in drive again and it kicked in?,as i said it has a mind of it's own and doesn't build any confidence backing into a turn around that has snow or ice and wonder if it's going to work or not,this is the targeted area it was designed to work for correct?.
  4. Hi all,1st post.I've had this journey for 2 years and this awd seems to only work when it feels like it.It was purchased as a leftover with 118 miles. 2015 SXT awd hot v6 5 passenger 19" rim option.I price shopped (22,600 delivered to me) and the dealer is nothing to write home about so i have just lived with annoyances.Right front end clunk and rattle worse when cold.Brake rotors i had turned at 300 miles cuz they were all rust,and this mystery awd.To be fair there is was no manual with the car(or floor mates) and I'm not downloading 500 pages of a pdf telling me how to sync a phone to the radio that i don't have, so maybe I'm not turning it on?,dunno.I would like to get on the technical side of this and understand what sensors and locations actually make it work. We are in general happy with the car,plenty of zip,silky smooth for a 6,doesn't use a drop of oil,and with my bad back i find the seating and entry/ exit excellent.The bad kumho tires mystery cupping in the center,and NO HEAT in the back of the vehicle,which is nuts since even my beater 97 neon has a heat duct running thru the center console,someone please slap the engineer who came up with that one.