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  1. Converting Manual Drivers Seat to Power seat

    OK!!! The jury is back and here's the Verdict....... It's plug and play.....Just remove the manual seat and replace it with the power unit --- plug in the two connectors and it works like a champ. One plug is for the air bags, and the larger one is for seat power and seat belt sensor. So there you have it...it can be done without running to the stealership.
  2. Converting Manual Drivers Seat to Power seat

    What's amazing is...you can't find a wiring diagram for a 2017 Journey anywhere on the net!!! NUTS!!! That's been the most frustrating part of this deal. So.....if you have a link to where I can get one....HELP!!!!!
  3. Converting Manual Drivers Seat to Power seat

    I see there is a relay under the seat so the folks at Dodge have thought of that. I will put in an inline fuse if I have to go the manual wiring route. Thanks..
  4. Converting Manual Drivers Seat to Power seat

    I looked underneath my seat....all the connectors are there with the same # of wires. Looks like a typical "plug & play" scenario, but I'm concerned if the seat is controlled by the Body Control Module in any way, ------- means a trip to the stealership and $250. I'll try it either way and fill everyone in after I'm done. If I have to, I'll route my own power wires and do it that way outside the BCM. I think I have to install a fuse in either the interior / underhood fuse panels to make the seat work.
  5. Came up with a power drivers seat from a wrecked 2015 Journey. I see the connections are already there on my 2017. Is this a "plug & play" deal? Has anyone done this conversion? If so, please give me a heads up on what to expect before I start. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!!
  6. I'd keep an eye on that fuel pump. Sounds intermittent when cold, or there's a little bit of moisture that could have frozen the pump in place.
  7. A GM guy calling it quits

    Drove the Journey and was immediately hooked. This thing rides like its on rails. I've been a GM guy all my life, but I finally had enough when the Colorado I had needed a new timing chain. I was ok with that until I found out there was another chain in the rear of the motor. I just couldn't believe something like that could be designed. I realized that every GM vehicle I got rid of was because of a mechanical malady due to poor design, so I figured why not a Dodge. Hopefully it'll last.
  8. camaronut

  9. A GM guy calling it quits

    Finally had enough buying GM vehicles my whole life. I figured why not something new???....so a 2017 Dodge Journey Crossroads was the ticket. Man I love this thing...V6, sunroof...hopefully it'll last.... Why Camaronut???? I have a 69 Camaro SS..