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  1. Roof Rack Rails

    I'm interested.
  2. rear foglight conversion?

    I was referring to the rear fog lights. The red ones that replace the reflector.
  3. rear foglight conversion?

    Has anyone installed these? I got a set of amazon from ijdmtoy. If you did, were you able to get all the functions out of the light? Ie: marker, turn, brake 4 way.
  4. Wheels and Tires

    I'm interested in the wheels.
  5. Jedi Bandit

  6. Cargo net.

    Either way, I got the slush mats for free and getting the cargo net for free. Being a DJ Crossroad, the mats should be included. I'll look at my widow sticker again. Jkeaton, I also live in NC. Kannapolis NC .
  7. Cargo net.

    What did you do about the floor mats? I would think they would be standard. I purchased a 2015 Crossroad. It's loaded without the navigation.
  8. Cargo net.

    Does the DJ come with the cargo net? After I purchased my need DJ last weekend as I was going through the final inspection before I signed the papers I noticed there weren't any floor mats. I told the dealer then I signed away. After they cleaned it and filled with fuel, I asked again about the floor mats. They couldn't find them. They gave me the slush mats for free instead. After taking it home I noticed that the cargo net wasn't there either. I called the dealer and they are sending me one. I saw on the Dodge web site that it's a standard on all the DJ's. Can someone clarify that they do come with the cargo net?
  9. New Member Checking in.

    Thank you. I'm on the S&W forum and very active on it. I'm going to try and be the same here. They way it looks, this forum is run well and not too much bs. I really dislike forums that allow the bashing of its members. I'll like getting help , giving help and learning new things.
  10. New Member Checking in.

    I recently purchased a 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad, Fathom Blue Pearl V6, Loaded. My wife and I really love it. I currently own 4 Dodge vehicles. 98 Neon R/T(Going up for sale soon) ,05 SRT 4 neon, 07 Caliber. I have owned alot of Dodge vehicles growing up. My first was an 83 Charger. I hope to share my past and upcoming experiences with everyone here, and learn from you all too.