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  1. Fuel type ///mpg

    It's the same in Utah and Idaho, 85 is the lowest, then 15-20 cents more for 87. I have 130k miles on my DJ, always running 85 octane for 5 years. Never had an issue so far! I figure over the years I've saved probably over $1k in the difference of fuel costs...
  2. Common component to these two+ problems?

    For the windshield washers, did you check to make sure they nozzels themselves didn't break off from the fluid line? Or that the fluid line didn't crease/break anywhere? I've had both break on mine. Nothing super glue couldn't fix...
  3. Hello from Utah, new to me 2013 Crew!

    Enjoy the DJ. I'm also in Utah, up on the north side.
  4. new windshield

    We replaced our windshield last year after a giant crack formed. And now, a year later, a huge crack just formed from a tiny little rock chip. Luckily our windshield replacement company gives free lifetime warranty, so I get a free windshield. In nearly 20 years of driving, I've never had to replace a windshield. I have a feeling the DJ windshield build is sub-par quality...
  5. onecrazyfoo4u

  6. Anyone have 245/55/19's ?

    I love the discount tire deals! Time to get another set of Cooper CS5's in 235/55/19. Love this tire. My last set went 50k miles and I still have them on. It'll be $520 shipped for the full set (after $70 and $75 gift cards).
  7. I don't think it would be worth the effort. Those storage bins are so flimsy. Anybody with a crow bar could easily pry them open, breaking the lock.
  8. Goodbye DJ!!

    Seriously, lime green???
  9. Full stereo upgrade

    Wow, that's some serious wattage! How's the stock battery and alternator handling that?
  10. And that's exactly why I buy what I like. I don't give a damn what other companies/magazines have to say about the product.
  11. Question about 255/50r19

    Never heard of that brand. Yikes, 280 tread wear, you'll be replacing those in a year! This isn't a performance vehicle, no need for performance tread tires and tire wear in my opinion...
  12. Gas pedal placement

    Haha, that's a new one...never seen that 'mod' before!
  13. Engine oil dipstick

    Mine broke the first year too. Little dab of super glue has held it on tight the last 4 years! Super glue > plastic.
  14. Journey From Hell

    Soooo, what's the status on this? Or was it just a hoax?
  15. Accessories

    Great first post!