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  1. My fix to this problem was that the fuse box under the hood was loose and had dirt and dust underneath it. I removed the fuse box and blew out the dust and dirt. Reseated the fuse box and my amp draw dropped from over 20 amps down to 0.03 amps. It's been a few days and my battery hasn't drained. Before finding this solution I put in 2 new alternators and 2 new batteries.
  2. Problem solved. The fuse box under the hood was loose and there was alot of dirt and dust underneath it. Used air compressor to blow out the area and reseated the fuse box. Re-checked amp draw and it's dropped from over 20 amps down to 0.03 amps. It's been a few days and the drained battery hasn't happened. I determined it was the fuse box as everytime I touched it to remove a fuse to see if the amps dropped the amps would drop before I pulled any fuse. I removed the fuse box and discoved all the dust and dirt. After reseating the box the amps dropped to 0.03 amps. I still removed and checked each fuse just to ensure they were good. I,also, checked each fuse in the fuse box located under the passenger side dash. Thanks, again, to everyone that offered advice.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. Installed another new alternator and another new battery. Battery is still draining. I did an amp draw check and it shows something is staying active when it shouldn't but I haven't been able to track down which circuit or part it is.There's a slight "ticking" sound coming from underneath the plastic cover on top of the engine immediately after the engine is turned off. It continues until battery is dead. Can't find the part that's making the ticking sound. Any suggestions as to how to narrow the search down?
  4. New alternator and new battery installed on June 3rd. Everything seemed fine until the next morning when battery was drained again. Problems started while driving on June 2nd when "battery saver " light came on. Engine died shortly after that. Called AAA and got a jump start. Drove about 1 block and it died again. Called AAA again and had it towed home. AAA driver and error codes suggested alternator and battery problems. Any ideas as to what is draining the battery?