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tongue weight

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well  installed a curt hitch a while back with the intentions of buying a scooter cargo carrier for the back of the journey so got to checking them out and decided to go with discount ramps to buy from. well decide to talk to a handicapped store in town and they told me that with the journeys tongue weight of 200 lbs that they wouldn't recommend that i use one as i would be over what is recommended from dodge. so i checked the book and dodge says journeys have a 200 lbs tongue weight limit and since the carrier i bought weighs in at 65 lbs and her scooter weighs in at 160 lbs for a total of 225 lbs of tongue weight, the hitch is rated at up to 400 lbs tongue weight doesn't count. well even tho i will be over by 5 lbs i dont think we will have any problems but i sure didnt anticipate  all this when i started out looking for something for her scooter. all that time we were out in Vegas and i had to lift it up and slide it into the hatchback which kind of got my back to hurting...anyway the scooter rides up the ramp on this carrier real easy and just tie it down with some straps and lift the ramp back up and off we go,also when not in use the carrier lifts up and is about 5 inches from the back of the hatchback only bad thing about that it kind of blocks my rear back up cam, but when the scooter is loaded on in it the camera still gets pretty good vision back there. just ordered a cover for the scooter from discount ramps, they are a little pricey but they are always offering 10-15 discount with free  shipping so kind of evens out.one other hting of course all these carriers are made in china so there was one bracket that was bent but my sledge hammer fixed that and then had to touch up some scrapped parts with some black paint... used it this afternoon and went to my daughter's, house to pick up her pressure washer to clean the concrete drive in the morning so it's doing double duty since i sold my truck and i am now kind of regretting doing that...

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