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Hi, I just signed up. Merry Christmas.

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Hi, I'm D. I lurked for a few before I made an account. 


I recently took possession of a 2014 Journey Fwd SXT  out of necessity. (Didn't have much planning or thinking room when it happened). My much loved.. used and abused roughneck 2000 4wd Tahoe went out on me in the middle of I-10. It was my K-9 transport vehicle, and stored all of my equipment as well. I also have a Trailblazer, but it is down for a transmission. 


After hoofing it for a couple days, I made up my mind to go visit one of the car sales a few miles away. I tried to find a way to fix the Tahoe, but putting $590 into a $697 BB value vehicle is way too much for sentimentality. 

I had nothing to put down, nothing to trade.. and I and my EDD needed transport to make the dough. 


This was the most unassuming, "Grey man" vehicle I could find at the time, that I would be allowed to finance outright.. with a monthly I could afford without dipping into my VA and Mil Ret.  


So here I am. 


Not the best deal I've ever made, but it sure bailed me out of a crappy situation. Still feeling a little ambivalence, as I haven't had a car note or insurance above $100 since 2007. 


Anyway. I just wanted to say hi, albeit belated. 



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