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Armando G

50K mark

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So my 2015 DJ SXT just hit the 50K mile mark while on our summer road trip. We headed out for our summer road trip of just over 2K miles and I'm as happy as the day I bought her. With gas prices going up so much in my area ($3.95/gal), I did some basic maintenance to make sure we were ready and got great gas mileage (see pic attached). Best mileage I've ever gotten!!! I personally did an oil change and replaced the air filter. I had the plugs and brakes checked and was surprised to be told they looked great. Brakes are still at 60% of their life and plugs tested great. We drove through temps from 49 to 103 degrees with no problems at all. Handling was amazing and I averaged speeds of about 79mph. No problem handling the climb over the mountains and the curves that came with them. While at our destination we did a couple of trips with family and my DJ was the one everyone wanted to ride in (the other choice was the new VW Tiguan). The kids had plenty of room in my 3rd row, while they hated the 3rd row of the Tiguan. I also pulled a couple of jet skis, while VW told my in laws they wouldn't install a hitch on their Tiguan (but U-haul might install it for them...WHAT???).

Anyway, maybe I've been lucky, or maybe the basic maintenance I do on my car has kept it driving so well, but it did great. In comparison to the two other cars we were around, it far out shined the Tiguan, and was very comparable to the Explorer my nephew has, but totally beat the Explorer in price (he paid over $50k for his). I know there are posts about issues people are having, but I wanted to make sure I post something positive about my DJ.

2018-07-10 22.05.45.png

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