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is there a TRICK to this AC?

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so ive had this journey for 11 months.  i swear to you today is the 1st time ive actually USED the AC.  i have 3700 miles on the car, and today its 101 degrees out.  so i crank it on, set it to 68 degrees, have it set to inside refresh air.


and in the 20 mins it took me to get to my destination..................................the car was MAYBE 5 degrees cooler.


am i doing something wrong?  im 45 and have NEVER been so unimpressed with a cars AC before.  my wife says..........its hot out and the car is a dark color.  our old blue caravan was dark blue and within 3 mins usually we were turning the AC down cause we were all getting too cold.



whats the deal??  anyone have any helpful insight on this damned AC?

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yeah thats what i figured.  i mean the build date on the car is may of 2017.  figured it should be ok refrigerant wise but dang.  just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing some step is all

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