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  1. P0406 code

    Hello, Journey 2009 SXT 3.6. ECL on with P0406 code. I removed and cleaned the ERG valve. code returned after 2 days. any ideas other than replaced the EGR valve itself ? will it be good idea to buy a generic EGR valve , or bay a original MOPAR part ? Thanks
  2. ztahie

  3. Need help to identify part

    yep... the body panel is actually the front bumper. I will look for used bumper in a junk yard.
  4. Need help to identify part

    thank you all for your feedback ! (especially jkeaton )
  5. Hi, I need some help to identify a missing part. there is a black plastic cover between the wheel and the front bumper. I need to replaced it.... any suggestion where to look it online ? Thanks.