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  1. Thanks bramfrank Pretty much as i figured. When it comes to buying this type of thing, unless i absolutely know what I need and the item I';m buying matches it perfectly I don't buy, Even with returns they can be expensive with shipping etc. I'd love your Nav radio but $1,075 CDN is way outside my comfort zone - sadly Thanks for taking the time to reply though, much appreciated!
  2. Sounds like i am in the same boat as you. Downgraded from CTP17 to CTP13, all seemed to finish OK hen got error 31A0. Nav now sits at loading please wait-everything else on the Uconnect works fine. I've tried re-flashing 13 & 17 on lots of different USB sticks - they all fail the same way error 31A0. . Sticking in a USB with updated maps does work as the Nav system doesnt see it Did you get yours resolved?
  3. I've trawled through this and the Charger forum, nothing so far other than try a different USB This is all it does before it errors out
  4. Hi, have a 2013 R/U Uconnect 8.4 with Navigation. Downgraded to CPT13, which seemed to go OK. It showed the hour-glass and then the progress bar all the way to completion. . However, once completed i got the Error Reflashing Errorcode : 0x 31A0. When I start the Nav app it just sits at the loading please wait.... screen. I've tried to upgrade, reflash same version but all attempts fail with the same error. The progress bar does not move at all. I've tried using the original USB i used to downgrade and 7 other different brands/sizes (all formatted to Fat32) - but still same issue. Even tried an SDCard and DVD but they weren't recognized. I may be wrong but believe 31A0 means it doesn't like the USB stick Going into Dealer mode and checking the Navigation info all fields are all blank. Any ideas how I recover this