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  1. Thanks OhareFred. I knew it needed an injector and didnt notice the signs of it being in an accident till a few days after purchase. What I think could be a bad wreck, could be a failed attempt to remedy terrible paint peel (minus the ding in the rear). I paid $1700 and figured I could get rid of it for $2400 pretty easy. So far I $80 in it. Being optimistic that I'll find a short or bad ground that magically fixes everything.
  2. Jkeaton, you aren't wrong, but i've witnessed what seems to be thousands of complaints and down right hateful reviews because dodge wont issue recalls for problems with a dastardly amount of reports. It burns my stomach to know I'm going to take a loss on this car.
  3. 2late4u, I dont think its a luck issue. These cars are terrible. I only bought my 2009 AWD to replace an injector and resell. I'll post coordinates in a timely manner.
  4. Okay, did work on the car for a couple days. Came back to it and it was dead. The last thing I did with the car was shut the engine off and walk away. Battery was charged but was drained down to 2.4 volts in 2 days. Charged the battery up to12v and I have nothing. No lights, no clicks...... like it doesn't have a battery in it at all. Zero power. Volt meter stopped working, power probe stopped working.....I'm thinking 50cal., Tannerite, propane and gasoline.
  5. No, havent checked timing belt. Was hoping to not have to tear into it very car. That always means more money. I'm still working on getting a hold of a good diag tool
  6. I dont know if air bags were deployed. I got it off a used lot for cheap. Needed #5 injector he said. I noticed a ding on the left rear and didnt think much of it. Later on I ran my hand down the fender on the opposite corner of the car from the rear dind and realised the paint had some texture. Thats when i started to realise this car had been through something bigger then what I would like to think about and the body work lacks a bit. I need to pull a car fax report and find out more info.
  7. Someone suggested that if the airbags were deployed that it completely disables the computer, it would have to be replaced and reprogrammed. Not sure if thats true. If thats the case, maybe a relearn fixes it all? I know a lot of those codes are likely due to low battery voltage. I guess I'll update whenever I get a fresh scan done.
  8. BRACE YOURSELVES!! Bought a 2009, 3.5L, AWD. The guy says it needs #5 injector. I verified the code, replaced, condition is the same. Starts hard, idles fine for a minute or less, idle climbs near 2000rpm and stays, lightning bolt flashes on dash, starts sounding like a dead cylinder (not a knock, but rather a thud). No vacuum leaks to be found. Cleaned manifold temo sensor, ohmed out injectors, diode test on injector harness, watched injectors spray at same rate. Covered throttle port with my hand and it tried to suck my arm off. I've cleaned the throttle body, the gears in the throttle body feel good/tight/strong/not worn, This car has been wrecked, I don't know to what extent. Codes have changed a few times. Even with back to back scans codes changed a couple times. Codes have included: scan 1) P0174 BANK 2 LEAN 2) P0882 TCM POWER INPUT SIGNAL LOW 3) P0340 CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR 4) P0171 BANK 1 LEAN 5) C121C TORQUE REQUEST SIGNAL DENIED 6) U0019 LOW SPEED CAN COMMUNICATION BUS 7) U0199 LOST COMM WITH DOOR CONTROL MOD A 8) P0204 CYLINDER 4 INJECTOR "A" CIRCUIT B1A13 ACTIVE * RKE FOB 4 BATTERY LOW P0024 "B" CAMSHAFT POSITION -TIMING OVER - ADVANCED OR SYSTEM PERFORMANCE BANK 2 . U0203 ACTIVE - LOST COMM WITH DOOR MOD LEFT FRONT . B16A5 PASSENGER BACKLIGHTING SWITCH CIRCUIT HIGH . P161E NO CODE DEFINITION AVAILABLE . P0869 TRANSMISSION FLUID PRESSURE HIGH . P0933 HYDRAULIC PRESSURE SENSOR RANGE/PERFORMANCE 9) NOTHING NEW 10) U0114 LOST COMM WITH FINAL DRIVE CONTROL MOD . U0100 LOST COMM WITH ECM/PCM . B210D BATTERY VOLTAGE LOW . P0C58 DRIVE MOTOR "B" POSITION SENSOR CIRCUIT "A" HIGH . C2102 STEERING COLUMN MODULE SYSTEM VOLTAGE LOW . MORE VOLTAGE AND DOOR CODES, RESTRAINT CODES MISSING ECU DATA, RADIO CODES 11) SAME AS #10 WITH THE ADDITION OF . P2173 THROTTLE ACTUATOR CONTROL SYSTEM- HIGH AIR FLOW/VACUUM LEAK DETECTED. (SLOW ACCUMULATION) 12) MORE OF THE SAME Cam sensor "A", Lost communication And lean banks have shown up most frequently in all the reports. I use a $100 Bluetooth scantool. It did pretty well compared to the $200-$300 machines at the parts store, but it wont connect to the app anymore. All the above codes came from save reports on the app. It lists a bazillion possible fixes. PCM/TCM/ECM, RELEARN/PROGRAM/REPLACE SHOWED UP A LOT as well as EGR clean/replace. I recently came across A LOT of reported issues with the TIPM. I plan to have a $4000 snap on diag erase codes and pull new info. Other than that, where do I start? Preferably without throwing tons of money randomly. Thanks for any input