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  1. Winter Tires

    I need to get my 2012 Dodge Journey SXT a set of winter tires. Have you guys heard of Toyo Open Country WLT1 Tires? I saw it while I am online window shopping. I am tempted to buy it because they are on sale.
  2. Went a bit offroad

    What tires are those?
  3. How often to wash?

    I was mine once a week but according to an article I read online, it is recommended to only wash your car every 2 weeks and have it waxed every 6 months.
  4. Nice Arse

    Nice behind!
  5. Newbie

    Thank you. It already drove for 62,708 miles when I bought it.
  6. 2012 SXT Red Plasti Dipped Rims

    It looks great!
  7. Newbie

    Howdy! My name's Tyler. I just bought a 2012 Dodge Journey SXT.