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  1. 2017 Journey Rear Wiper

    It is still under warranty, wasn't sure if it was covered. I should check
  2. 2017 Journey Rear Wiper

    Here’s what it looks like. I can do a complete 360 with it.
  3. 2017 Journey Rear Wiper

    I can probably get one tomorrow
  4. Hi all, wondering if this is an easy fix or if I have to get it checked out. My rear wiper all of a sudden on the weekend decided it didn't want to work. I went to use it and it just dropped. I though it has fallen off, but I got out and checked and it was there, just hanging down. Any advice would help. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, new to the forum. 2017 Crossroad. Did a quick search and came about this topic. My screen doesn't show any of the song info either. Just shows the name of my iPhone. And text messaging doesn't work either when my phone is connected. My system is up to date, but is this an issue that has been happening for a while? TIA
  6. In Love with this new bad boy

    Thanks all, only thing i'm really missing is the heated seats.
  7. In Love with this new bad boy

    Really was like love at first sight. 2017 Journey Crossroad!