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  1. Turbo Diesel issue (P0234)

    The Dodge dealerships are gone, but servicing was picked up by Fiat. If you give them a call they should be able to get the part for you. Alternatively, eBay is your friend as there are a number of sellers on there where you can get new parts from (I had to get an actuator from Germany and the Turbo Hose from Poland). If you have the part number, should be easy to find on eBay. If you don't, call Fiat and they should be able to get the part number for you.
  2. Turbo Diesel issue (P0234)

    It is supposed to be changed every 3 years but mine has never been changed. As mentioned above, the car was serviced by a Dodge dealer for the first 2 years (I've had the car since new and after the first 2 years the Dodge dealers disappeared) and they were stamping up the petrol schedule where changing the filter is not a service item! The company that had the Dodge franchise still exist (but are now Mercedes only) so I'm thinking about writing to them to contribute to all of the other unnecessary work I've had done as it is there fault (due to using the wrong service schedule) that the fuel filter was missed in the services that followed. I think the filter was probably clogged and blocking the fuel.
  3. IMG_20180519_191055.jpg

    This is my 2010 2 litre Diesel. Not sure how the wheels do in the US, but in the UK I have seen many that corrode around the centre. All of mine were corroded so recently had them refurbished in gloss black (originally matt silver). Next thing I'm thinking of doing is a remap which will take it from 140bhp to about 180.
  4. WillTL

    My 2010 2.0 Diesel. Not sure how the wheels are in the US, but in the UK I have seen many that corrode in the centre. Mine used to be silver but were very corroded so I recently had them refurbished in gloss black (previously matt silver). Next thing I'm thinking of doing is a remap which should take it from 140bhp to 180.
  5. Turbo Diesel issue (P0234)

    Had the work done on Thursday and I'm trying not to be too optimistic but so far, no sign of the jolts. In addition, took the car for an under load run last night and accelerated from 60 to 80 up an incline and no engine management error so looking very good at the moment.
  6. Turbo Diesel issue (P0234)

    Thanks rossco. I have a little more information that will hopefully change things and as a mechanic, maybe you can confirm. One of the first questions the various places I have taken the car to is "is it serviced regularly" and as I ensure this is done annually, my answer is "yes of course". On Saturday after writing the above post I went back to the garage that changed the hose and asked if they knew of any turbo specialists and they said that they thought they had checked everything and again asked whether the fuel filter had been changed which I responded "yes" to. On coming home I decided to check the service schedule in the manual and made a bit of a discovery - for the first 2 years of servicing (by Dodge), rather than completing the Diesel schedule section they had been stamping the 2.4 litre petrol section. As a result of this, the people who serviced the car after continued on this schedule and as a result, the fuel filter that is supposed to be changed every 3 years has never been changed (the car is now 8 years old). In addition, the accessory belt that is supposed to be checked and replaced as necessary every 2 years has never been changed and finally the timing belt which should be changed at 60,000 miles or 5 years as you have probably guessed, has never been changed. I've got the car booked in for Friday to have these 3 items replaced and I'm really hoping that the fuel filter is the culprit behind the jolting and overboost error (I'm hoping that it isn't really an overboost but when there is insufficient fuel underload due to a dirty filter the car is just making it's best guess). I have to get these things done anyway, but do you think the filter could be responsible for my problems and I have half a chance that the new one will resolve them?
  7. Hi all. Not sure how active this forum is but I'm a UK Dodge Journey owner and have owned my 2010 model from new. During the last 2 years I've encountered two turbo issues. The first is a “jolt” effect that can be either under acceleration or whilst maintaining speed. The 2nd issue results in the engine warning light showing and the turbo “switching off” but turning off the engine and restarting brings the turbo back on. I have started to experience this in the last 18 months and this seems to only occur whilst in top gear under load. It cannot always be demonstrated on demand, but this happens whilst in 6th gear at higher speeds, typically whilst accelerating to keep the speed at 70mph whilst on an incline. This 2nd problem gives error P0234 (Turbocharger/Supercharger over boost). So far I have had an engine clean, a new MAF sensor, a new actuator and a new turbo hose fitted but these do not seem to have made any difference. The problem I'm encountering is trying to find a diesel turbo specialist that can diagnose this. Unfortunately, Fiat took over the servicing of Dodge in the UK and they are basically useless. This is a bit of a longshot as I suspect there are very few UK members on here, but you have to get a break at some point so maybe, just maybe, there is someone on here from the UK who can point me to a good turbo specialist somewhere in Essex. Thanks for reading!