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  1. Update, went back into the gear box today and unbolted the electronic position centre and wouldn't you know it there's a metal wheel on the back of it that you can turn to adjust the display on the dash , I must have knocked this wheel when I originally but the have body back in first time round, just for reference the gearbox I'm working on is the 6dct450 it's in the dodge but also a lot of other cars ,Volvo and ford to name a few
  2. Hi EGR valve sounds logical, my car did exactly the same, although I have a diesel engine in mine, you can rule this out quite easily, locate the EGR valve and look for the metal pipe coming from the side of it usually held on with 2 bolts if you disconnect that pipe from the EGR valve the car will start and run again if that's your problem, hope this helps
  3. Update....I have been driving the car around since my last post perfectly now although the car not going into park on the dash display problem still remains, I tried adjusting the cable at the front which helped and made all the other gears match there position on the dash and I had a look under the gear lever inside the car which dictates nothing on terms of the display , so all that's left is to go back to the position sensor onside the box and have a play with that, I'll let you know my findings.
  4. UPDATE....all back together new filter and fluid, transmission is working perfectly ,loads of power and really smooth fear change, however one problem has arisen, the shifter is now one gear out of sync with the dash display, example stick is in reverse dash displays neutral, stick is in drive dash displays PowerShift option, this is a problem now because the car won't go into park and instead displays reverse in that position which then does not let you take the key out , any tips would be appreciated
  5. A little further on today, I removed the valve body and split it to find the control solenoids, I the did a continuity test across them all which came out as normal, then I removed them and blew them out with air and the channels from which they were removed hot blasted aswell after that I used a 12 volt supply to manually check they were all working which they were, was hoping to find a problem with at least one of them but it wasn't to be, hopefully I will get lucky and I have removed a blockage with the air
  6. Took out the multi plug feeding the solenoid s and took off the black plastic side mounted sump tray, now I'm face with what you see in the pic which has about 25 torx screws holding it in place, this looking familiar to anyone?
  7. Hi new member here with a 2009 dodge journey in the UK, it has a 2.0 VW Passat diesel engine so a little different to the ones you have over there I'm led to believe, recently I've had a problem with the car not shifting into reverse and this problem has got progressively worse to the point now where the car won move at all and the check engine light came on, the code I found was P175D which relates to control solenoid circuit 3 performance, I've recently spoke to my cousin in Chicago's mechanic who says inside the gearbox are 4 or 6 actuators one of which will have gone bad and I'm to change all of them while I'm in there due to the amount of work involved getting to them, has anyone else experienced this problem before or carried out this repair who wouldn't mind sharing their experiences thanks for any help
  8. Hi from Manchester Uk

    Hi Chris here from Manchester Uk