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  1. Soft suspension / driving a boat

    I agree about the tires and sidewalls, but I'm planning to replace the standard street tires (which frankly suck in anything other than dry roads) with a BFGoodrich KO2 to improve traction in all weather, especially winter. I live in MD and we have snow, so traction is important. I can't put the KO2's on the 19" rims, so the 17" rims have to stay.
  2. Soft suspension / driving a boat

    I'm not expecting it to ride like the Jeep or the F250 completely.. I'd just like to stiffen it up a bit. I'll look into the R/T option. That should help take some of the roll out of it. I'm really happy w/ the vehicle other wise.
  3. Soft suspension / driving a boat

    Yeah, I've been driving a F250 4x4 for the past 14 years, and my wife drives a Jeep.. soft suspension isn't exactly our style... we like a stiff suspension with low body roll. I'll check into the R/T struts and see what I can do. Thanks for the input!
  4. Hey guys.. just got my '09 Journey STX / FWD and overall I love the vehicle. I've got a couple of upgrades I want to do, and one of those things into figure out how to stiffen up the suspension. It feels more like driving a Cadillac with Air-Ride as I'm going down the road it just rolls like a ship on the sea. Any suggestions? I don't want to lower it, as I plan to switch out to BFG KO2's (17" rims) before winter for better traction in the snow, as the "street" tires that came on it pretty well suck. Thanks!
  5. 2009 Journey SXT AWD 3.5 L starting issue

    I'm curious if you got this resolved. I have a VERY similar issue on my '09 Journey STX / FWD that I just purchased. Intermittent issue with the start function just not doing anything. Very disconcerting when it happens. I've checked the MOPAR site and it shows all 3 available recalls have been processed, so what's next?