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  1. Nasty noise on start up.

    Its the oil pressure cause of tbe POOR oil filter design location from what i have been told
  2. Vibration

    Hi i have a 14 under warranty still a back in feb it developed a vibration between 60-75 mph bought new tires for stock wheels didnt solve it had rebalanced not the problem, April purchased NEW aftermarket set of wheeld n tires same problem, rebalanced no fix, sent back got totally new different set of wheels n tires, same problem last 2 weeks i had at dealership checked everything in tbe drivetrain out everything checked out so they replaced BOTH drive axles (FRONT WHEEL DRIVE) same problem ... Not sure what is going on i do know stock wheels are going back on & going to another dealership... Drive freeway round trip daily so this is very annoying...