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  1. Hi weasey31 Have you had solved the problem with your? I have the same problem on my car any update would help me sortting out my issue.
  2. Odd continuous stutter or shudder on a 2015 Crossroad

    Check light came then gone, 99% of shudder gone, sometimes kind of hard shiffting happed could be needed to reset and delete old errors save on pcm and get it flashed later this week and I will keep you updated but in the meantime the car amizzing on driving. Hope you get yours sorted.
  3. Odd continuous stutter or shudder on a 2015 Crossroad

    I have changed all plugs and that shudder has gone and car now smooth on driving. In addition, I have noticed a small leak after throllet from the pipe that coming from camshift cover.
  4. Odd continuous stutter or shudder on a 2015 Crossroad

    Having same problems on mine and could not find out the cause of it, please let us if you would find the solution for it
  5. transmission, more than clunk

    Mine same problem, please keep us update if the problem been solved.
  6. Odd Shudder

    M8ne 2014 3.6 AWD and is doing the same and I have done the update online and the car does not show any reqiured update anymore and have the car ok for two days then same shudder appear again and became worse now. Anybody had an update for this problem please?
  7. Ahmedalyasari

  8. Hi I have same problems, any updates solving the problem? Anybody have had same issue?