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  2. I hope it works for you.. but the rocker arm and the valves separate in these engines. Very common issue. I had to rebuild the head.
  3. Yes I figured it out.. This engine has bad rocker arm assembly, which should show itself by a slight tapping in the engine. That is a fairly easy fix. But if it gets to the point of misfire then that means you have a burnt valve. They need to remove your head and do a valve job and replace the rocker assembly. At which point you should do your timing belt and water pump which would only add 20min of labor to the job. Maybe 120 in parts. You could always buy a new head like 550 at oriley's.. Either way it is expensive but you want it done because there is a lot of wear on the engine running like that.
  4. About a week ago my wife's car (2010 journey FWD 3.5 V6) set DTC P0350 Cylinder 5 misfire. I tried the simple fix, the coil pack and the spark plug. This did nothing. So now that taking off the intake manifold is easy, I have tried a few other things. Things I have attempted for repair: -coil pack -plug -sea foam engine treatment through vacuum line -sea foam top engine cleaner through throttle body -mopar combustion chamber cleaner through throttle body so far no success with this!! So today I did a compression test cylinder 5 was 60-70psi the others was 190psi. Alldata states minimum of 100 psi and all cylinders within 25% of each other. After more research I think it could be one of these issues: -excessive carbon build up on valves. -bad rocker arm And repair options of: - replace valve spring retainer locks with new ones (part 53022277AA) this is supposed to spin the valves quicker to prevent carbon build. - new rocker arm because low compression can be a sticky valve -replace or rebuild cylinder head Has anyone had and experience with this issue? Any recommendations? Thank You for your time!!