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  2. multiple problems

    Hi guys, i have been having major problems with my journey... here is just a basic list... duel mass flywheel clutch and damper turbo actuator code on the ECU rear caliper siezing tyre pressure thing attached to the valve I still currently have all of these issues, i have replaced the turbo actuator itself and its till causing the EML to come on and with the same fault we have had a good look around it and think it could possibly be the turbo vains... As for the brakes ive been told its because the rear caliper has siezed and im just waiting for my replacement to arrive so it can be fixed along with disks and pads... the gearbox... this is the decider on weather i ram it threw the dealers window that i got it from 3 months ago with all of these problems, no one seems to be able to help me... i have been told its a vovlo/ford/vw/audi gearbox, yet no one seems to know how to fix it for less than £3000 i only paid £7000 for the car 3 months ago so dont want to spend half that on beginning to fix it... if anyone can help please get in contact with me on either curt_cars@hotmail.com or on here... thanks
  3. UK Diesel Dodge. Clutch replacement

    Hi buddy, im having similar issue's, my journey shunts the engine when i change from P to R to D, did the replacement get this issue sorted? im dying to find out as i've been having juddering issue's to since the day we got the car, it only happens in 1st though, as soon as it gets into second it's fine apart from the horrible loss of power