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  2. 4 pin to 7 pin + Brake control

    2016 SXT Blacktop - Curt hitch with 4 pin. Having a brake controller fitted tomorrow (also curt). Anyone else have a similar setup. Looking for experiences with trailer brakes, and/or different configuration. Unfortunately NOT plug and play. My trailer is 1250 dry and has brakes.
  3. This is great information! Thanks for taking the time. If the dealer does the work, is it warranty protected?
  4. I do have the 8.4, yes. I can get it from Mopar up until 2015. The camera comes built in the trim and frame for the rear licence plate lights. If it's the same specs on that until I'm wondering if it will work. Seems like it, no? First timer here. Thanks! http://www.factorymoparparts.net/oe-mopar/56054158ad
  5. On the official Mopar parts website, a reverse camera (integrated with existing screen) is only available on models up to 2015. Does anyone know if it fits the 2016? Has anyone installed something different with success? Cheers.