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Rear pinion seal dimensions, this will save you money.

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Just bought a 2012 Journey R/T with AWD and the rear pinion seal is leaking.  Only the dealers have the seal available and it was 51 BUCKS Canadian dollars.  I thought this was outrageous so I just measured it for kicks. It is a 78mm x 35mm x 8mm. Readily available at any bearing/seal supply shop for much cheaper. Here is an example:




I will be changing this in the next week when I get time. I checked the fluid level in the rear diff and it was right up to the top so obviously it is just seeping at this point. Looks like the viscous coupler has to come off first, anyone else change this seal yet?


Hope the above info helps others, I don't see the point in spending 50 bucks, this looks like a normal seal I usually pay 10 bucks for. Mopar part number for the seal is: 68268679AA-001   It is made in the USA at least which was good to see.



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