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2016 Journey SXT AWD Rear Diff Fluid Additive?

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I just purchased all new tires and had them installed a few months ago, just had them rotated at about 5,000 miles, and the car had been riding rough, so of course I thought it was the tires, come to find out it is a noise/vibration coming from the rear differential.


I took the vehicle home and changed the rear differential fluid out to Lucas 75W90, I did not put an additive in because I could not find info anywhere on whether or not its needed, I have a 2015 Chrysler 200 and was told it was not needed in that vehicle, not sure about the Journey. 


The Journey has almost 68,000 miles on it, so about 8K overdue for the change according to the manual, the fluid came out NASTY, as in it looked like runny poo with snot mixed together, and it seemed very watery? 


Just wanted to check and see if what I did was correct or if I should add some additive from dodge, or any other brand, I believe the Lucas has additives of their own already in the fluid.


Now I need to change the PSU fluid which looks like a nightmare compared to the rear diff...



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I finally got a hold of a parts guy at one of my local dealerships, I was told no friction modifier is required in the rear diff or the PTU.

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