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  2. Noise after shifting gears

    I'm so glad people other than me have noticed this.... Webslave is right... it sounds like "rumble strips that are on the side of the road." The noise doesnt really bother me. My worry is that it's something that will haunt me later down the road if its not addressed now. Like the differentials or something. Natalcarlos, please let us know if you learn something new about this. Dodgecares... how do I get the flash? Is that something the dealer can do? Do they charge for that? Thanks all for you input
  3. Noise after shifting gears

    Okay so I noticed this a while ago and thought it would stop but It's getting very annoying and I shouldn't have to deal with it. So here's the problem. When I accelerate I can feel the car shifting gears (auto trans)... once it gets to third gear the rpms go down and I hear this weird noice.... hard to describe it but its like a humming or grinding of some sort. It doesnt last long, normally for about 2 seconds and then it goes away. It doesnt always happen but it happens at least 6 out of 10 times I accelerate from a stop position. Any suggestions what this is? I have a 2012 DJ with under 25k miles. HELP!
  4. Thanks drb! I'll try that next time I'm in the car. Strange way to change the turn by turn volume.....
  5. The unit came off a 2013.... That explains the problem. Glad it's resolved. The navigation is working as it should now.... Not sure what happened. It just needed a little time to update or something. The only problems I'm having are: controlling the temperature on the touch screen. The auto night/day dimming of touchscreen not auto adjusting. Step by step turns not loud enough when music is playing. It interrupts the music that's playing but the voice is very low. Here's a picture of the new unit
  6. Okay, Finally finished the install.... Very simple to install but ran into other problems. The 8.4 display requested a anti theft code! I read on these forums that these units didn't have those. We were wrong.... visited my dealer and they couldn't help. Called their headquarters and they couldn't help.... called at least 7 dealerships and finally found one service spanner who knew what the heck was wrong... TAKE NOTE... you'll need the radio units serial number and most important the Vin number of the car it originally came from. He then gave me t. Code to unlock the system. Then..... The climate cocontrols aren't working. I can control the temperature from the hard buttons but the touch screen doesn't work. Finally, the navigation system needs to be updated. I try searching addresses and it can't find them. The system was taken from a car in Virgin. And it doesn't find any addresses outside of Virginia... so strange. Can anyone help with any of these issues? Also, can i update the navigation software using the usb instead of the sd reader? I don't have the sd card slot. Sorry for the lengthy post
  7. I dont see why not.... the vehicles are pretty much the same between 2012 & 2013 with the exception of some cosmetic upgrades. Upgrading your system should be the same as outlined for the 2012 model. Good luck!
  8. Thanks Mcgusto! Please take pictures of the back up cam installation project and parts lol.... have a feeling i'll be needing those next lol
  9. New information.... so now I'm being told the part I need is 1QC311XPAC SOB! lmao.... I have to wait 3 days until the vendor gets it... and an additional 2-5 days for me to get it.... oh the misery!
  10. I ordered IRE271XPAB but the back of the panel reads IRE271XPAA I called around and was told i need IRE271XPAC... WTF! Can anyone please clarify and confirm please?
  11. All the parts arrived pretty fast except the dashboard bezel. Well it finally arrived today.... But unfortunately it's the wrong part! Either I read it wrong or they screwed up. I thought the bezel would fit the 8.4 screen but when I opened the box the same 4.3 bezel I already have there. The part number I ordered is: 1RE271XPAB Part description is: center bezel w/navigation Can someone please tell me what part number i should be ordering?
  12. Thanks cybrscrce.... but I can't take all the credit. Mcgusto shared the car-part website first... I just itemized everything lol I'll keep posting updates as the project moves forward. I'm waiting on the besel before I begin installation. Hope it arrives soon...
  13. Here are pictures of two of the pieces i ordered. Please let me know your observations. First three pictures are of the receiver and the last two are of the touch screen. Thanks