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  1. Eileen

    Hey Guys, the RF Module arrived and was installed, now the power windows wont work, the dealer is getting a part to fix the windows over-night freight and I may have my car back by tomorrow, Thanks for all the advice
  2. Eileen

    I appreciate your advice, but I am skeptical of a junk yard part for a seven year old car.
  3. Eileen

    They told me the RF Module is an electronic gizmo that connects the key, to the push button starter on the dash, why this module has drained the battery is confusing to me. The part has been on back order for a month. I am really upset with Fiat Chrysler, not the dealership, and no they have not offered me a loan car. I hope you never run into this problem as the quote is rather expensive.
  4. Eileen

    My 2112 Dodge Journey would need to be jump started every two days, the Dodge dealer deep charged the battery, two days later I had the same problem. Now the dealer has said the problem is the RF Module and my car has been at the dealer over 5 weeks waiting for this "back ordered" part. Does anyone have any information as to why it is so difficult to get this part?