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  1. Well the gremlins are active in my 2011 Mainstreet. I need to change out out one of the A/C hose's. The question I have is do I need to add some oil back to the system after the change? I know I will need to pull a vacuum before re-charging the system just not sure about oil addition.
  2. Update: Car is back from the dealership and we have put about 300 trouble free miles on the car. The last issue were the camshaft Position Senors so it seems we are good to go. My wife is very happy to have her car back and running great.
  3. well i really messed up this time

    Man, that sucks. Hope recovery is not too bad.
  4. So I thought I would share all the codes with everyone. As I get more information I will gladly share in case others experience the same issue. The active codes are P0340, P0365, P0390, P0345, C121C00. These are the sames as the last time before the suggested repair. I am thinking that the C121C00 code is causing most of the issues but I cannot be 100% percent positive. The repair was the camshaft phasers replaced on front and rear banks, VVT solenoid O-ring and other gaskets removed during the process.
  5. Well got the car back Monday evening and all seemed good until just a few minutes ago. My wife called and stated the MIL was on and the traction control was also on. Also stated car had no power like usual when the lights first illuminate. The car has been in the shop almost three weeks and now its going to have to go back for the same issue.
  6. Just heard back replacing all four phasers. I hope this will be the end of the current issue.
  7. Talked to the dealership yesterday and they stated they have not heard anything and that they do not know when they will as they cannot talk to a live person everything is done via a computer. That sounds weird.
  8. Long story short my 2011 Mainstreet has been in the shop twice for the check engine light and traction control light coming on at the same time. The dealership techs states that after everything they cannot see anything that is causing the issue so they have opened a star case with Chrysler. Does anyone have a general idea of how it will take Chrysler to respond? Also has anyone else had this problem?
  9. Hi All, I have a 2011 Journey Mainstreet and I had the codes for the Cam Shaft position sensor pop up (P0340, 0365, 0390, 0345). I had to do a plug change so I changed the sensors out. Unfortunately that did not solve the issue. When the MIL comes on the Traction control light comes on as well showing that that it is off. Sometimes the car will go into limp mode. Usually I can get it to reset by turning the vehicle off but that is not working anymore. Anyway the car spent two days at the stealership so they could diagnose. They performed an electronic cleaning of the oil control valves and test drove the car. The light would not come back on but it stalled on them. Further testing did not reproduce the events. Fast forward to the next day I drove the car and two miles down the road MIL comes on the same codes. I called the stealership and they want to charge $315 to go into the valve cover and inspect for loose "bolts" and see if the Cam phasers are worn out. Any one else have any ideas or experience with this issue? Also a separate and I believe unrelated issue I am having is that the vehicle just started to stall but I have had hard start lately with the car turning over but not starting. I am thinking it could be the wonderful fuel pump relay.