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  1. Transmission acting like it's in Neutral

    Definitely lots of issues with the trans, and when it slipped into R it didnt do anything but act like it was in N
  2. Broken Motor Mounts

    My 18 had to have the lower rear motor mount replaced at 40K miles
  3. My 18 journey has a 2.4L with a 4spd transmission and my transmission already went out once at 26K miles Dodge replaced it and I've felt subtle problems with the new one and lately it feels as though it's in Neutral when it's in drive. When I press in the gas pedal from a stop it barely moves but revs and sometimes on the highway it wont speed up. Today my transmission clunked and shifted itself into Reverse on the highway, nothing happened just acted like it was in Neutral again, my backup camera came on and I just shifted it back into Drive like nothing happened. Has anyone else had this issue, also there is currently 46K miles on it now
  4. 2018 Journey SE Blacktop

    That was from like January- February
  5. 2018 Journey SE Blacktop

  6. Open air filter

    28mpg was with long distance highway trips traveling at speeds of 65-70mph and it's only a 4cyl
  7. I replaced my stock air filter with an open air filter made by spectre and it has increased my gas mileage from 21-22mpg to 24-28mpg
  8. 2018 Journey SE Blacktop

    My 18 Journey IMG_2667.HEIC IMG_2687.HEIC