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  1. I will do that tonight and if it doesn't work well I'll post what happens and maybe you have another idea I can try thanks for your help though much appreciated
  2. The remote wire is intact and should be working I would think but no power coming out of amp I think it is the amp itself but not positive cuz wouldnt the stock speakers still work cus they aren't hooked to the amp
  3. I checked fuses the all seem good I'm getting power to the amp but nothing coming out and the stereo display works my phone hooks up to Bluetooth and seems to be working but no sound from anywhere I'm thinking my amp kicked the bucket but why no sound from any stock speakers is what I'm confused about
  4. I used an inline out converter tapped to rear speakers with and amp kit and compasiter 1600 watt rating. And my amp is just an old legacy 600 watt
  5. I have hooked up an aftermarket amplifier In my 2013 journey everything was working and seemed to be working great but then it just stopped and now I can't get any sound from my speakers what so ever. The display stills works and phone connects everything shows it is working but no sound at all. How can I reset the radio or does any one no of a way to fix my issue to get my sound back