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  1. Performance brakes

    Redtomatoman, I already bought OEM replacements. I didnt know if anyone had tried those brakes specifically or if anyone had a recommendation for when I replace brakes again, because OEM is pricey and not that quality. I appreciate the feedback!
  2. New guy

    Hey everybody, new to the Journey scene and joined here to see what upgrades/maintenance type things people do. Excited to see all I can learn from this forum. I bought a 2011 Mainstreet V6 FWD back in January and absolutely love it. My parents have a 2012 SXT V6 AWD and I always enjoyed driving it before I got my own. I'm from the Great Lakes region in the US!
  3. Performance brakes

    Do you have a link or a certain place to look for what you used? I'm stuck with what I purchased a couple days ago, but would like to avoid the need of doing that again.
  4. Has anyone put on Powerstop drilled and slotted rotors and pads? I just paid almost $400 for pads and rotors from my local parts store and don't want to do that again. I was wondering if anyone had tried these (or something similar) and knew they were good. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! 2011 Dodge Journey Mainstreet V6 FWD
  5. Front bumper valance

    This may be a dumb question, but is the front bumper valance needed? Mine is dangling and looks awful, I was wondering if I could just rip it off until I got a new one, any help would be appreciated. Thanks! (Attached picture of her. 2011 DJ Mainstreet)
  6. Badtkid