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  1. And added a few graphics. Tried to keep it cool, and not cross that cool/ricer line... sorry it's dirty, been raining here lol. Normally it's spotless.
  2. I actually have a 2015 Journey R/T (2wd) WITH the performance suspension package. Ride is great, really can chuck it into a turn and it's very predictable. I have actually pushed mine to the limits and I'm pretty surprised, and satisfied. Being a former CJDR guy I can confirm that the Journey perfomance suspension package DOES INCLUDE: upgraded sway bars front and rear, upgraded coil springs And upgraded struts. I'm thoroughly pleased with mine, and the long distance comfort I'm happy to report is still excellent. I've swapped to a cold air intake (Ebay type) kicked the cheapo filter, dropped in a big old k&n, kept the stock under hood scoop to supply fresh cold air to it, and kicked the stock air box of course. Swapped headlights and fog lights to led, and I'll be doing the custom magnaflow exhaust in a day or two. Cars just awesome. I think I detect a difference in the electric powering settings at speed as well. Feels much firmer than a lot of the others I've driven over the years.
  3. Chip Tuning for Dodge Journey 3.6 R/T?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, but I'm a former CJDR guy with a good bit of experience across the entire pentastar spectrum. Found these guys earlier tonight and though I would share ! https://www.rpm-motorsports.com/store/c41/2011__Dodge_Journey.html Can't vouch for them personally but finally SOMEBODY has done something for the Journey Pentastar platform and even offers remote tuning !