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  1. Your original reply said “Carmax “ which I do not have . It’s maxcare through dodge . You sound irritated with my questions, if they bother you please don’t bother with them. I’m aware of taking it back but I’m leary of takkng it back to the same place and was hoping for an unobvious answer
  2. I bought maxcare at a dodge dealership for my dodge it’s not through car max. Problem is my abs, brake, and engine lights are on still after a new battery . The diagnostic said it was a brake switch so the service advisor said a new battery should resolve it and my old battery was supposedly registering under the minimum so he changes it out. After several hours, the abs and brake lights are going off and the engine light is now on constantly.
  3. Are sensors covered in maxcare? I’m having a hard time getting a straight answer from the dealership.
  4. Sensors also ? I called and spoke to a service tech and he said it isn’t covered
  5. Hi all, anyone having any issues with the abs , traction control and brake light going off and chiming whole driving? If so is this covered under the powertrain ? Is this a sensor that needs updating? Thanks