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Found 8 results

  1. Code C1502-96 TPS?

    '15 Journey AWD 3.6 showing code C1502-96, ABS & Traction Control lights are on. Low tire pressure light isn't and tires are @ 42 & 41 psi. Pulled out of the driveway and there's a clunk when going slow, every 50 ft or so. My scanner shows this code meaning TPS 2 Internal: Component Internal Failure. It says it's a common code and a frequent fix in replacing a tire pressure sensor(s). We had new tires put on 4 months ago, now we're at 71K. Bad sensor? Thanks for any input
  2. Hi all, anyone having any issues with the abs , traction control and brake light going off and chiming whole driving? If so is this covered under the powertrain ? Is this a sensor that needs updating? Thanks
  3. I have a 2013 Journey SXT 4 Cyl. When ever the Traction Control or ABS is activated my radio screen flashes off then on again but the audio stays on. Some times there is such a draw it pulls many dash lights and chimes at me then is back up to power again. I also have a flickering of the head lights when the car is idling and when I run the windows the headlights dim noticeably. Auto Zone did a quick alternator check and it showed that it was charging. Could this really be a battery issue? Thanks,
  4. Hello, I drive a 2014 AWD SXT. A few weeks ago my ESP light came on and stayed on while driving, after I turned the car off then back on, it stayed off for a while. No issue until yesterday when it started coming back on again but it seems to cycle about every 2 or 3 starts. I can't tell any difference in the car itself. I'm thinking something simple. No check engine, abs or service lights. Just the ESP light. Parts store couldn't read a code. It's due for an oil change so I'm taking it to the dealer this week but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this and what might I expect from the dealer. Thanks
  5. Traction control light

    I was driving home tonight and the traction control and a red lightening bolt under the PRND display lit up and vehicle lost all power and was idling at 1800 rpms. Wouldn't take gas when you push the gas pedal. I shut it off waited about 30 seconds, started it and it was fine. 5 miles down the road it did it again. Any ideas? Is it electronic or a mechanical problem?
  6. Ok, Ive had my 2012 Dodge Journey since May of 2012, bought it brand new. I have had issues with it since 2013, taken it to the dealership while it was under warranty- they kept it overnight and found nothing wrong with it. I am still having issues and going out of my mind!!! I suspect it's an electrical issue...here's a list of what has been going on: *I am now on my 3rd Battery, has had to be replaced about once a year after car just stops starting. Most recently I replaced the battery and 1 week later the Journey is back to not starting on it's own, it requires a jump every morning now. *ABS and Traction Control lights are both lit up on my dash, which in turn has disabled my cruise control. *USB Error, will detect my iPod and display the songs, but will not play. (Has worked before, just goes through phases where it stops functioning) *Bluetooth phone connection not working properly. I can call out and it recognizes my phone and loads the phone book, but no one can hear me when I talk. (I can hear the person on the other line, it has functioned in the past.) *Does not shift properly, RPMs run high and comes close to redlining at 60 MPH (This has only happened once, i pulled over and turned the car off and turned it back on and it stopped) Of course it is no longer under warranty, which is frustrating because I brought it in while it was under warranty and they treated me like I was crazy and said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Any thoughts or insight before I take it back to Belle Tire, where I just had the newest battery put in??!!??
  7. Good day DJ owners! I have 2013 Journey SXT v6 with 45K miles only had it for 2 years now Just wanted to check in with everyone if you have encountered the same problem. My DJ is running fine its just that the ABS and ESC lights keeps coming on. I tried to disconnect the battery thinking it would reset it but no luck. If this is already an answered topic please point me to that direction. I wanted to clean the ABS Wheel sensors but could not find any video/photos on how to locate it. I cant believe it at first that a car this new is already throwing lights. Im not a car geek but can learn if you talk in car terms to me like Im a gradeschooler. Thanks everyone!
  8. Hello all! I need some advice. I have a 2014 AWD Journey. Last night coming home it was snowing and i got stuck on the hill coming to my house. The road had 3 inches of snow on it unplowed. The hill isn't very steep but I wouldn't try to get up it without 4wd/awd. I didn't have much momentum coming up the hill because of a car that was driving slow that turned off right before the hill. My Journey got stuck and whenever I would touch the gas the engine would bog down and i couldn't go anywhere. I would hear the tires screeching and then the engine would bog down. I called my brother who told me to turn off the ESP/traction control. I put the Journey in park and pushed the button and then it would allow me to get up to 35mph and would bog down again. It would say 35mph on the dash but i really wasn't going anywhere. 15mins later i was finally able to get to my house. A truck (nissan frontier) coming up the hill was able to stop next to me and ask me if i was ok. He then was able to continue to go while i was still stuck creeping up the hill. Is there any advice someone could give me as to why my AWD Journey couldn't get up the hill? This is my first winter with the Journey. Previously i had a Ford Explorer 4x4 that i never had a problem on the hill in snowy conditions. Granted on the flat roads with snow the Journey handles perfect but didn't when i needed it to. Sorry to be so long winded but im a girl and like to explain things in detail. Details about the Journey: 2014, blackout edition, AWD, V6, black dodge rims,