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  1. UPDATE: Unplugged satellite (sirius/nav) from the radio and it fixed the problem. Temporary solution until I go aftermarket.
  2. So rather than spending money to replace my 8.4n, I was thinking about spending about the same amount to buy a 4.3 radio and metra kit http://www.metraonline.com/part/99-6520B so I can use a radio of my choosing. Would buying a 4.3 with the bezel off of ebay be all I need to get it going, or are there other parts I would need to change also. I know this might sound crazy but the cars already had the radio replaced before and I don't want to gamble on a used one or spend the money on a refurbished and have it break again.
  3. Hey, my 8.4n radio in my 2015 Journey started rebooting every 10 seconds or so for a few days now. Calls and bluetooth media will hold but skip for a couple seconds during the reboot. I saw other posts on the forum with same issue but from what I found, the OP never says how they fixed the problem. Im worried I have to replace the whole unit and I'm open to any ideas. I contacted uconnect but they're taking their time. Also tried disconnecting the battery a few times. Dealers near me are 3 week wait at the moment, so I'm getting pretty frustrated to say the least. I heard I might have luck updating via flash drive, but i dont know if I can with the boot loop and I dont want to brick it completely. TIA