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  1. I also am having the same issue of "No Map Data" after speaking to FCA Canada, my local dealer, and reading online forums, I cannot find a fix that works. My head unit has been replaced, while under warranty already. Same issue appeared after the warranty of 2 years for the replacement head unit. Surprise, Neither Dodge nor the local dealer will take responsibly. Has anyone actually found a fix for this other than having to spend thousands of dollars for a refurbished head unit? Its a software issue, and Dodge should stand behind its products. Dodge - please support your customers by issuing a recall for this error.
  2. I am looking for the two files as well, am error as everyone else here. "NO MAP DATA" Need to find the CTP 13 file, and the Garmin maps file. If someone has a link for these, can someone please send me an email? jakevanderburg@outlook.com