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  1. '13 SE FWD 6 months in

    I've gotten in touch with my local CDJ dealer to source the trim parts for the Freemont bits, and intend to order those in February. Once things warm up I can start debadging the tailgate and cleaning it up for the new badges
  2. '13 SE FWD 6 months in

    All in all I knew from the start that it wouldn't be cheap, but it beats my original plan of importing a Freemont for parts, which is part of my build plan, to give the car a bit more character. The Freemont I consider to be the better looking Italian cousin of the Journey, and in NH I see a lot of Journeys running around so I wanted some Fiat flair in mine
  3. '13 SE FWD 6 months in

    Back in late July of 2018, I purchased a '13 Journey SE to replace a '17 Cruze LT I ended up totalling in a crash. Over the last few months into my year of ownership, this thing has been and up/down experience. Decent price for what I bought in terms of age ($10,000US) with fairly decent mileage on it (71k miles). However it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. I've had to purchase a few accessories to give me the functionality I wanted before I dive into the FCA parts bin to have what I really want. The goal with this vehicle is (after paying off the loan) to take a base model Journey and get it into a position I want without having to purchase another Journey. Basically I want to reach a higher trim level of features without having to buy another Journey to get there, so I figured I'd build it myself. Starting with a 2013 Journey SE with the 2.4, FWD 4spd, intending to stay FWD with a possibility of a 6spd (FIAT ePER has one listed, not sure if it's available in the States) while getting the extra features of the Crew or Crossroads. Anyone who can help me on this project, I'd be more than grateful