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  1. What you think about that vehicle : http://www.autotrader.ca/a/dodge/journey/burnaby/british columbia/5_40620986_20180105210953202/?showcpo=ShowCpo&ncse=no&orup=2_10_10&pc=V4C 7A9&sprx=100 Its a 2013 crew. There is a carproof attached to that page. To me looks like has been serviced only once !
  2. Looks like he did only 1 out of 3 recalls available. Is early 2012, so no updated brakes on it. I ask for carproof and he said he will have it next week. When you say ''depends of which day of the week the vehicle was built'' what do you mean? Different days different standards :O ? The remain recalls on the car can be done by me If i visit a Dodge dealer? Will be for free or i will need to pay? Car price is 10.000CAD+Tax. Maybe i should search for a 2013+ and increase a bit my budget?
  3. Hi all, Im thinking to purchase a DJ 2012 SXT. Im from Greece but currently live in Vancouver CA. That will be my first American car since i was always driving European cars. Im looking for a 2012 SXT 3.6lt engine. I found one with 130k Khm on the clock. I read a lot of negative comments around Web and I'm a bit sceptical about it. Is there any specific thinks that i have to check? Any recalls? In general, any help of what to look for will be much appreciated. Thanks