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  1. Yes I am aware of the kit, thanks though. The problem is money lol. Wanted to know if I could install it anywhere else where I wouldn't need that kit
  2. I want to put a 7" aftermarket stereo in.
  3. w/ Eibach Pro Kit

    How do you get that sweet ride to SHINE LIKE THAT!!!
  4. Hello there. I just purchased a used 2016 Dodge journey. I am pissed off that I did NOT research what it would take to upgrade the stock 4.3 stereo. $400 METRA KIT IS INSANE!! Is there anywhere else I can install the stereo with a cheaper kit, not messing with the stock 4.3 touchscreen. I cannot afford that kit nor do I want to change the place of any buttons!. Anyone help PLEASE! And thank you!!!!!!