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  1. 2010 Journey Passenger Grab Handle (bar)

    My 2016 R/T has handles all the way around. They are probably part of an interior package on a 4cyl or even std on the 6cyl models.
  2. mopar stainless gas/brake pedals question

    I put a set on mine and they are the same ones that are used on the jeep compass model. They are an official mopar accessory so they will fit no problems. Mine came from steve white motors, big cjdr dealer out of the Carolinas. The kit only has the gas and brake pads. I got a challenger e-brake pad and had to use a utility knife to make like two cuts to get it to fit the journey's e-brake pedal. They do make the interior look more appealing for not that much money. You need really hot water and a flat blade stubby screwdriver to help install the brake pad. let the brake pad sit in the hot water to soften up the rubber-much easier to manipulate over the pedal .The gas pedal pad goes on in about a minute.
  3. Feedback on a pinstriping idea...

    I had my local graphics shop make me side stripes that match my redline edition r/t challenger. They were scaled to fit the side of the journey. Both vehicles are black. It only cost me $65 installed.
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