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  1. Pure Journey R/T

  2. 2009 r/t sagging bumper

    I have never had an issue with my headlights being that loose. But whenever i try to lift my bumper 2 plates inside my wheel well will rub against each other, like there is a missing clip, but all clips are accounted for in that well
  3. Tinting taillights

    I removed them a few days after applying them. I'm tint wrapping them in a few weeks.
  4. 2009 r/t sagging bumper

    I have a 2009 dodge journey r/t. I had the car since last august, and I've noticed that my front bumper is starting to sag more. There's a gap from headlight to bumper that I can get my pinky finger into. could a quick release help solve this, because it sags by the fender too? this journey has never been in a car accident either so idk what what it could be.
  5. Tinting taillights

    I used smoked plastidip on my tailights, and I liked it, just I couldn't wash it properly without it peeling off. I'd reccomend a tinting wrap, wich I will be swapping this out for soon.