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  2. Adding towing to 2014 Journey?

    3.6L 6-cylinder, AWD. Nothing in the build listing shows anything for towing, but the added optional equipment for my VIN shows the engine oil cooler and "trailer sway damping". The 2274 is the max weight for the trailer, the actual unloaded weight is 1608. We don't plan on packing much in it and won't be using the fresh water tank (at least on the first road trip, we will mostly be sticking to parks with hookups).
  3. We purchased a used fleet vehicle, 2014 Journey Limited. I see nothing on the original window paper about towing. We are looking into purchasing a pop-up camper (Flagstaff 206LTD, GVWR 2274) but I need to get a hitch and harness installed. After reading on these forums I'm concerned that this vehicle needs more than just the physical hitch but also re-programming and possibly an add-on engine cooler? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: So it looks like I already have the engine oil cooler, according to my VIN-specific equipment listing. My understanding is that the transmission cooler is standard. I'm thinking at this point that the Curt class III along with the wiring harness and a possible flash of the computer and I should be good to go.