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  1. Transmission fluid

    Got AT+4 fluid & Wix Filter
  2. Transmission fluid

    Bringing thread back to life because: My 2015 DJ with 2.4L & 4 spd auto transmission should be serviced. 75,000km (Canada) Transmission shop wants $300 & tax Buddy's garage wants $80 & parts/fluid I work in auto parts industry, got fluid and filter cheap and will do it myself. I haven't located the filler spot yet, one video says I have to remove air filter box for access. I don't think I need silicone for gasket, but I'll check tomorrow and find out for sure. The filter comes with gasket and O ring. Pan access doesn't even require lifting vehicle and I never lift it to change oil either. My concern is the exact amount of fluid needed is listed as 3.8L and I don't really even want to make my own redneck dipstick or buy one. Can't I just put 3.8L in and call it a day?
  3. NoXiouS

  4. Thanks Mer, I don't think it's a lemon. I've read lots about various issues with conversion kits, it's great to hear that you found a way around it. I'm trying to keep mine as much stock and generic looking as possible, your custom stuff looks slick. The cheap HID kit I bought wouldn't work on high beam/DRL circuit and that seems common. I got an error cancel kit and still no luck. The HIR thing is very interesting and if they sold that at the Auto Parts distributor where I work part time, I would nab them. Unfortunately, we don't carry them as of yet. I'll be bugging the brass about that soon enough. We don't even carry the Sylvania Silverstars that I was fond of before I got my first HID set. In the interim, I was able to get a couple dirt cheap plug and play sets of Eurolite Xenon Fusion bulbs that provides a much nicer look and better light too. Can't really tell much difference w/photos.
  5. Hey, thanks bramfrank 1st, that sucks to learn after the fact, but thanks and do you know why? (curious to know exactly what I wasted my money on lol) 2nd, didn't seem to be a problem for me in Alberta & BC on last few vehicles I owned. One was Ford factory(Towncar) and replaced both HID low beams ($70CAD ea) once. High Beam/DRL bulbs never had to be replaced. The others were working great with the HID inserts in both factory and aftermarket housings on both GM & Fords. Your suggestion, yes I want to do it right or not at all with the Journey. That's why everything is still factory for now. It's literally the first brand new vehicle I've ever owned in my whole life. I'll check out the HIR stuff, never heard of it, I lead a sheltered life I guess. *EDIT* I followed the link and I also had Silverstar bulbs on an older Towncar years ago and they were amazing! Other vehicles on highway would flash lights at me. When they flashed 3 or more times, I'd give them the a flash of high beams to settle them down I'm curious and intrigued about trimming the tabs on connectors or bulbs. $70USD with shipping etc usually means $300CAD by the time you get it in your hands, but I may be able to fix that. Thanks again
  6. I hope I'm commenting in proper place and way, I read the stuff here and still can't seem to find my solution. I have a 2015 Journey with all stock lights. I bought a plug and play HID kit for my high beams that also act as DRLs and no luck. I bought the error canceling units and still no luck. I get no light at all from either side. I tried several different troubleshooting methods including switching ballasts, with and without error cancel kit, with factory bulb on one side or other, DRL on, High Beam on, etc. Only the factory original halogen bulbs light up and I get no warning lights on dash display when the HID kit(s) are connected. When I have factory original on one side and HID kit on other side, only factory original lights up when activated. I'm so frustrated that I would actually be happy to see some flickering that would at least indicate something is going on, but nothing. The HID kits just won't fire at all with or without the error cancel units wired inline. I'm not happy with the light output of the factory original lights and really miss the HID lighting from my last 2 vehicles. I've read many threads on many forums over last 2 years about this and tried many methods, but nothing. Maybe I need a super special HID kit? Maybe I need to pay big bucks to get it done somewhere?(I'm too poor to afford this option) Several garages I have spoken to about this will not even attempt to do HID conversions on newer vehicles because it is too complicated and time consuming. My work commutes are in the dark and I really want HID lighting on my Journey.... Help please?