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rear wheel bearing - left/right difference

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hey guys,    (2011 R/T AWD)


I have a rear wheel bearing gone.   I haven't been able to determine which one yet but my best hunch is the right rear.

(audible detection, a bit of heat on the hub, but no real play during a 9-3 o'clock and 6-12 o'clock grip position to move)


I have done wheel bearings before in the olden days where you had to pack the grease in the bearings but nowadays,  its all one unit/hub.

I recently did 2 on my wifes 2010 Caravan and our design is the same so i know what i am getting into.   Lots of smashing to break the hub free from being rusted in there.

the strange part is,  they sell a 'left rear bearing' and a 'right rear bearing' for the journey from what i can see in my searches.

  for different prices too for each side!.    (The caravan did not distinguish between sides) 


Mine is an AWD so that may come into play as to why they sell a specific "right and left".

Anyone have any experience doing their rear bearings and is there a "right and left" difference?



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I cant help on this all I can tell you is on our 2013 SXT AWD is after the 2nd year I have felt like we replace rear wheel bearings at least once a year and I don't know why. Had the front wheel bearings and hubs replaced and that was good but rears keep going out! Shes now sporting 140,000 miles and got the Mopar lifetime bumper to bumper warranty back in 2013 so yea small inconvenience but we will keep her...lol

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