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  1. GreyJourn

  2. Big Shoes - (Tires)

    Only to the extreme right, it rubs where that battery box is on the front drivers side.
  3. Nina

    Thanks. I need to get some front and rear shots. It looks pretty mean. I do not care for my tires to stick out of the fender but it looks pretty nice on this.
  4. Big Shoes - (Tires)

    The entire package included wheels, tires, new lug nuts and swapping TPMS.
  5. Nina2

    I got them locally. I have a wheel guy that hooked me up.
  6. Big Shoes - (Tires)

    I have a wheel guy here in Albuquerque. I got the set for $1500.
  7. Big Shoes - (Tires)

    Thanks for the comments. Tire size is 265/35/22.
  8. Big Shoes - (Tires)

    Finally getting around to posting pics of Nina with her shoes. Got them back in June.
  9. My Journey on 22s

    Nice to see I am not the only one sportin big shoes. I am running the same size tires on mine.
  10. Nina

    Pics of Nina
  11. New Member

    Hello I am Ben, we have had our 2012 Journey over a year and a half. We love it.