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  1. Thanks I have already made an apt with the dealership as I am quite confident that it’s a leak with the seal but all I wanted to know from this is how many drain exits there are on the vehicle and the location for them. I unfortunately have found this vehicle to be extremely unreliable with one issue right to the next. It’s been less than 1 week since I’ve been in the shop with it. Disappointing to say the least.
  2. Hello! Hoping someone may be able to help me. I’ve noticed a pretty heavy drip from my right rear corner area of sunroof (coming in from above the track) I recently learned there are drains in the sunroof area one in each corner. Does anyone know if each drain exits the vehicle on the same side. For example front drivers side drain will exit behind the front drivers wheel. So are there 4 exit areas? Just trying to conduct a test to see if they are blocked or if the water is draining as it should. Thanks for any tips or advice!